Water Care Company

Indigenous peoples have a special relationship with water, dating back thousands of years. In Indigenous cultures, water is seen as the lifeblood of the Earth that connects all life, but in many communities across the country, access to safe, clean water is not the current reality.

Water Care Company has made it our mission to ensure that Indigenous, remote and small communities across Canada have access to water treatment infrastructure, and that infrastructure is in turn owned, operated and maintained by the communities, empowering them to be apart of the solution in solving Canada’s water crisis. We are reimagining water care to bring first world solutions to communities that require it the most.

This video explains the story behind Water Care Company and our deep connection to our most vital resource - water.

Our Why

Water Care Company “WCC” was created to ensure Indigenous, remote, and small communities have access to first world infrastructure. We believe there is an opportunity to ‘Reimagine Water Care’ by vertically integrating several exceptionally simple and effective technologies. Water Care Company provides numerous equipment & system offerings of its own. This amplifies our ability to provide value-added, holistic community-based, and user-friendly solutions to our Indigenous partners, community partners, and other clients in need of simple and effective water and wastewater solutions.


The Guiding Belief that Water is:

The lifeblood of the earth and “the sacred gift that connects all life”