About Us

What is your Water Story?

Water Care Company was created to ensure Indigenous people living in 3rd and 4th world conditions across Canada have access to 1st world infrastructure. All Indigenous peoples have the right to access clean water and proper wastewater systems. This starts here, by talking to every community and understanding; what is your communities water story?

Reimagining Water Care

Water Care Company believes there is an opportunity to ‘Reimagine Water Care’ by vertically integrating several exceptionally simple and effective technologies. Many new and emerging technologies on the market are increasingly expensive, complex, maintenance intense, and require significant technical training to operate. While most of these technologies can be extremely useful, Water Care Company sees a significant gap in the industry's focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of more basic treatment methods and systems.

Our How

By reimaging traditional waste and freshwater treatment options, Water Care Company applies First Principles as a design strategy founded on the following:


Reduced Energy Consumption


Environmentally Friendly Process


Scalable from 200 - 20,000 Person Community


Lowering Operating & Maintenance Costs


Compact Footprint


Technology Driven Solutions


Community Training & Employment

Honouring Water

“Indigenous people's relationship to water is strongly connected to the spiritual world. When we are born it is water that comes first, our lives are sacred just as water is sacred. We must honour water, it is apart of us, our land, our food, it connects and gives life to us all.”

- Kendra Fequet, Water Care Company