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Dylan Smart Head Shot

Dylan Smart

Vice President, Water Care Company

Dylan Smart is a proud indigenous entrepreneur and business leader with 20 years of construction experience across diverse sectors including public infrastructure, energy, and telecommunications. He has a strong background in business development and with his innovative mindset has successfully invented, patented, manufactured, and promoted products that are sold across three continents. Through imagination, backed with a great work ethic, he firmly believes that an idea is only as good as the execution behind it.

As Vice President, Mr. Smart drives the Water Care Company’s vision and by persistently inspiring and supporting those around him and will help lead WCC into becoming the premiere entity dealing with this long-overdue solution to the Indigenous water care crisis. He knows this starts with listening and learning each community’s unique water story and solving the problems that they are currently facing. He believes you must first foster relationships built on respect and trust then you can collaborate and create a vibrant future for generations to come.

In 2020 he was voted into office of his community of Langham, Saskatchewan where he has gained a new perspective on leadership and governance. In February of 2020, he was humbled to be accepted into the Order of Gabriel Dumont bronze category. This honor is given to Metis individuals who distinguished themselves through leadership, community involvement, and overall performance.

Kendra Fequet, Water Care Company

Kendra Fequet

Operations & Relationships Coordinator

Kendra has been with Steel River Group full till since November 2020 as Operations & Relationships coordinator and was part-time before that while she was completing post-secondary courses. She is from Inuit decent from Northeastern Quebec, that grew up in Western & Northern Canada. Kendra brings a strong interest in Indigenous cultures and the current water crisis facing Canada’s Indigenous Nations, which has made her a great fit for Water Care Company.

Kendra’s role within Water Care Company includes coordinating site visits, Indigenous engagement, attending events for Water Care Company, learning how to operate systems, and company marketing. Kendra wants to create youth initiatives within Water Care Company to educate and train youth to be interested and knowledgeable about protecting water as a life-sustaining resource.

Prior to Water Care Company, Kendra worked within Steel River Group and gained many skills within the business. Kendra has also worked for Backwoods Energy Services within the field, providing in-field and out-of-field experience.

“Indigenous people's relationship to water is strongly connected to the spiritual world. When we are born it is water that comes first, our lives are sacred just as water is sacred. We must honour water, it is apart of us, our land, our food, it connects and gives life to us all.”- Kendra Fequet

Kris Fequet

Kristopher Fequet, CEP

Project Manager

Since joining Water Care Company as a Project Manager, in February of 2021, Kristopher Fequet has already proved an asset in addressing the ongoing water crisis. With a strong background in chemical engineering and biochemistry, Kristopher is both driven and well equipped to become part of a national solution.

Kristopher is a proud Inuit from Northeastern Quebec, who still lives in the region today. Kristopher’s Inuit background has led him to support several economic, social, and infrastructure development opportunities in remote and Indigenous communities.

This invaluable experience has ignited Kristopher’s passion to advance water accessibility, and in turn, the health of communities. Raised in a remote community in Northern Quebec, Kristopher’s upbringing profoundly shaped his understanding of how water quality impacts a community, working under the belief that his work will set a foundation for success.

Kristopher is eager to reimagine water care by leveraging simple and effective technologies.

“Water is essential to health and is the driver of life from the microscopic level to the everyday experiences. When working within this industry, you know your work’s impact extends, beyond yourself, to your neighbours and ultimately the communities across the country.” – Kristopher Fequet

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